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Andrew Lean
B.H.Sc.(Acu), B.P.D, C.R.T(O.M), MEMBER OF A.A.C.M.A

Working with Dr Pan

I became interested in acupuncture about twelve years ago, after struggling to overcome a back injury. Acupuncture was the last treatment I considered, but it turned out to be the most effective.

Study with Dr Pan's Teacher

After some time traveling I ended up on a Canadian farm for the winter, and when not clearing snow had plenty of time to read about Chinese medicine. I returned to Melbourne and studied at the Melbourne College of Natural Medicine for four years.

Chinese Patient receiving treatment

After my final year I went to China and spent two months studying acupuncture in the Nanning University and hospital. Appreciating the experience to be gained by working in a Chinese hospital clinic, I took the opportunity to return for another year.

Doctor's I studied Acupuncture and Massage with - Dr Lan, Dr Pan and Dr Li
Working beside doctors in the acupuncture clinic and living and traveling in China has given me an understanding of this amazing country, which has developed a unique style of healing from which we can all benefit.

I am a member of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association (A.A.C.M.A) with registration number 2156.

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