Healing Flow     Healing Flow


Healing Flow is a Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic which combines acupuncture, massage and herbal medicine to treat each person individually. Drawing on healing philosophies, systems and techniques developed over thousands of years, this natural and effective approach aims to prevent illness and maintain health.


During an acupuncture treatment very fine, single-use sterile needles are inserted into selected points on meridians which cover the body. When qi is adequate and flowing smoothly through the body there is no pain. The needles clear any blockages so this can occur. Depending on the situation, the needles may be manipulated by hand or with electro-stimulation.


The dried, compressed leaves of the mugwort plant, commonly called moxa, are used in stick or cone form. The moxa is placed near the skin and the gentle heat works in conjunction with the acupuncture to encourage the flow of qi - the healing flow!


Round glass cups are applied to the body by quickly inserting and withdrawing a flame to create suction. They are commonly used on the back, shoulders and thighs for cold and chest conditions and musculoskeletal problems.




Chinese remedial massage is called Tui Na, which means to push and grasp. It is a physical therapy involving pressure on meridians and points along them, using different finger, hand, forearm and elbow techniques. Depending on the person and condition, the strength of the massage will vary . You may enjoy a massage for health maintenance and relaxation, or come in with a specific problem.

Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal formulas, for a variety of conditions, are prepared from over 450 substances. Some of these formulas may be prescribed in prepared pill form at Healing Flow to supplement acupuncture and massage treatments.



Food therapy, exercise therapy and lifestyle advice

In addition to the therapies above, Chinese dietary advice is offered to help one eat nutritiously and well. An old proverb says "diseases enter into the body through the mouth".

Lifestyle education, encouraging people to take responsibility for their own wellness, is a basic tenet of Chinese medicine. This includes exercise therapy and maintaining the three basic components of our health: qi, essence and spirit.